Choosing the right school is an important decision. We are honored that you’re considering Sacred Heart School! See below for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from new families. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact the school at 217-342-4060.


We appreciate your interest in Sacred Heart School, and we look forward to your family joining our family!



Can my child attend Sacred Heart School if he/she is not Catholic?

Absolutely, we welcome children of all faiths! On average, 25-30% of our student population is Non-Catholic. Current and past school families represent a variety of faiths and attend area churches including Christ’s Church, New Hope, St. John’s Lutheran, Cornerstone Church, St. Anthony, St. Francis, and more.

What can you tell me about the atmosphere at Sacred Heart School?

Sacred Heart School offers a positive learning environment where students excel both academically and socially. Most importantly, it is an environment where we talk openly about Jesus, and about Christian morals and values. In addition, secular subjects are taught from a Christian perspective.

What type of technology is available?

We use a variety of technologies aimed at engaging students and creating an enjoyable learning environment. We have 1:1 technology in grades 1-8 with students in grades 2-8 each having their own Chromebook and first grade students having their own iPad. Many additional iPads are utilized in our kindergarten and preschool classes.  There is controlled access to the Internet for school projects. Classrooms are equipped with interactive screens for engaging curricula delivery.

What are the hours of the school day?

School drop off begins at 7:20am. Our school day officially runs from 8:10am-2:50pm. We ask that students arrive by 8:00am so they have time to unpack their backpacks and prepare for the school day. At 8:15 each morning, our entire student body gathers for student-led prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and daily announcements.  

Is there an after-school program?

Yes, we have an after-school program called Clubhouse which is open each week day until 5:30pm. Students can complete homework, participate in Clubhouse-organized activities, play games, make crafts, play outside (weather permitting), eat a snack, read books, and relax. Please contact us at 217-342-4060 for more information and pricing or visit the Clubhouse page on our website: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

What safety and security measures are in place?

Student safety is a top priority at Sacred Heart School. Our building is on lock-down during school hours, and visitor access is permitted only via the administrative staff. Security cameras and monitoring systems are a key component to our extensive safety plan.  Our teachers and staff go through yearly training regarding possible safety threats. Students practice emergency procedures for fire, tornado, earthquake, intruders, etc. In addition, the school has an established parent pick-up route which enables curbside drop off and pick up. Staff members are present to greet students in the morning and escort students to their designated vehicle following afternoon dismissal.

Is there a busing program?

Yes. SHS students utilize busing services from Effingham Unit 40 School District. Our school calendar closely aligns with the Unit 40 schedule. 

What do Sacred Heart graduates accomplish in high school?

Sacred Heart School alumni succeed in accelerated curriculum, receive academic honors, and attain leadership positions at St. Anthony High School, Effingham High School, and other area high schools. Graduates of Sacred Heart consistently make honor roll in high school, and also serve as valedictorians, homecoming queens, prom kings, etc. In addition, SHS graduates are well represented in the National Honor Society, Society of Academic Achievement, and the Academic Hall of Fame. Many of our students are also very successful when competing in sports at the high school level! We’re very proud of our graduates, and we love the fact that they continually drop by to visit the staff and administration long after graduation!

How do Sacred Heart students perform in standardized tests?

Standardized testing is conducted each year for students in grades 1-8.  Our students consistently score well above the national (and Diocesan) average, and excel in reading, math, science, English, and history.

Do all of the children attend church and have Religion class as part of the curriculum?

Yes. All of our K-8 students attend Mass each week at Sacred Heart Church. Parents and family members are invited to attend Mass, where students of all faiths participate in the ministries. The students have daily Religion classes, with all faiths participating. We use the Faith First teaching series. Catholic students in grades 2 and 3 receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and First Communion. 

What is the average class size, and will my child benefit from a small class setting?

One of Sacred Heart School’s greatest hidden treasures is that our average class size is 16 students. You will find the doors of your child’s potential being opened through the benefits of a smaller class size. Individualized attention, coupled with increased participation opportunities in academic, extracurricular, and faith settings, will add to the stimulating experience your child (and your family) will have at Sacred Heart School. Another benefit of small class sizes is the opportunity for parents to get to know each other better, as we really do have a great “family” here at SHS.

Is there a hot lunch program?

Yes. Students may purchase a hot lunch for $2.80 per day. Extra milk is available for $0.35. Lunch payments are expected in advance, and you can check your child’s lunch account balance on TeacherEase, our online school management program. Reduced-price and free lunches are available for qualifying students. Contact the school office at 217-342-4060 for requirements and/or an application.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes. We have a standardized dress code which all K-8 students follow. Khaki pants and jeans are acceptable, as well as a required collared shirt and/or pullover. Dress code information can be found HERE, and required dress code clothing can be purchased at JEDCO in Effingham. Fridays are designated as “Spirit Day,” and Sacred Heart (green/white) t-shirts or sweatshirts may be worn. Note: Jeans cannot be worn on Mass days.

Is there an opportunity for parents to be involved in the school?

Yes, volunteers are a vital part of Sacred Heart School! Because all of the funding for educating your child at SHS is provided through tuition, parish contributions, and school fundraisers, all school parents are encouraged to volunteer via prayer, participation, and generosity to help keep the school viable. Opportunities to volunteer include library, lunch room, recess, PTA and Booster Club events, annual picnic, fish fry, annual breakfast, and more!