At Sacred Heart, we not only display our Green and White, but we also "Go Green" in recycling and collecting various things that help earn FREE MONEY for our school! Throughout the school year, you and your family can contribute and teach your children how significantly we can all impact our school and our world.

What Can I Collect or Recycle to Help Sacred Heart Earn FREE MONEY?

  • Aluminum Cans (first Friday of every month - place them on the lawn in front of the school)
  • Old cell phones
  • Coke Rewards: Clip your Coke reward codes (found on the inside of Coke product cases and inside the lid of all single-serve Coke products), and turn them into the church or school office, or place in the designated box in the back of church. We redeem codes for CASH, and earn a few hundred dollars each quarter!! The funds raised are used to purchase a variety of "extras" for Sacred Heart School, including playground equipment, art supplies, student rewards, and much more!

Thank you for your support!