With some starting as early at fifth grade, teamwork opportunities are abundant at Sacred Heart School! Because we're a small school, we're able to accept all students who desire to play a sport and who work to develop their skills. There are no try-outs, which means that everyone gets to play!


The students at Sacred Heart School have teamwork opportunities in:

  • Baseball (boys)
  • Softball (girls)
  • Basketball (girls and boys grade 5-8)
  • Golf (boys and girls)
  • Track and Cross Country (grade 5-8)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Cheerleading (girls)
  • Band and Chorus
  • Scholar Bowl

Shamrock cheerleaders smiling for the camera



We have been extremely successful despite being a small school with limited team members. Frequently, our sports teams and scholar bowl team achieve much success at the Regional, Sectional, and State levels!

The teams at Sacred Heart School strive to do well while achieving both team and personal goals. Winning is great, but more importantly, we work to develop the young talents of our middle-school students. At the junior high level, we continue to develop those skills, but also strive to excel and advance to post-season play.

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