Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart School. Since 1892, we have worked to foster faith formation, provide a high-quality education, and to teach 'others before self'. In our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we strive to make the presence of Christ felt throughout our classrooms, playground, extra-curricular activities, and the entire school environment.

We sincerely believe that the investment you make in your child's future by sending him / her to Sacred Heart School, is one that will reap many benefits in these formative years.

Sacred Heart Parish Member Tuition Rate

  • First Child: $3,623
  • Second Child: $2,014
  • Third Child: $1,199
  • Fourth + Child: $0

Non-Parish Member Tuition Rate

  • First Child: $3,923
  • Second Child: $2,314
  • Third Child: $1,499
  • Fourth + Child: $300


Book / Material Fee

$280 per student


For complete information about Sacred Heart School tuition for the current school year, check out the tuition packet on this page.

Tuition Packet

Tuition Discount from Sacred Heart Parish

The actual cost to educate each student at SHS is estimated at $6,000. With our goal being to provide a Christ-centered, academically-strong education to as many students as possible, Sacred Heart Parish pays a portion of each student's tuition, therefore offering a discounted rate to all school families. This parish supplement, as well as donations made to our Sacred Heart School Annual Fund, allow our current tuition rate to reflect only a portion of the true cost of education.

Parish Member and Non-Parish Member Rates

As the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish contribute to our Sunday church collections, and therefore, help support the operating budget for Sacred Heart School, we have a two-tiered tuition rate: Parish Members & Non-Parish Members. Since non-parish members do not contribute to our Sunday church collections (helping offset the amount the parish pays toward each student's tuition), they pay an additional $300 per student for their tuition.

Tuition Credit and Assistance

In addition to the discount provided by Sacred Heart Parish for all school families, there are several opportunities for tuition credit and/or assistance. These options can reduce your out-of-pocket tuition expenses. See below for details.

Tuition Credit - SCRIP Program

Sacred Heart Parish utilizes the SCRIP Card program which allows families to earn tuition credit by purchasing retail gift cards to local and national retailers, restaurants, hotel / travel vendors, and more. These gift cards generate rebates which can be applied as credit towards a school family's tuition. Rebates earned are split 50 / 50 – 50% of the rebate can be applied to your tuition while 50% remains at Sacred Heart School as a fundraiser. Depending on the amount of SCRIP Cards purchased, families have earned $20 up to several hundred dollars towards their tuition! To participate, a family must complete a SCRIP Card Agreement and create an online SCRIP account (online ordering is not required, but an account is necessary for rebate tracking purposes). For more information, visit our SCRIP page under the Giving / Support tab.

Tuition Credit - Fair Share Program

More details coming soon about how to earn tuition credit through our Fair Share program!

Tuition Assistance - Sacred Heart Parish

In addition to the parish supplemented discount already provided to all SHS families, Sacred Heart Parish offers tuition assistance for financially eligible families with students in kindergarten - grade 8 who are registered / active members of Sacred Heart Church. We utilize a third-party vendor, Covenant Tuition Services, when determining financial assistance so as to ensure impartiality and sensitivity to privacy. Applicants confidentially submit financial information to Covenant Tuition Services, who then recommends an assistance amount based on the family's demonstrated need. The pastor and Tuition Assistance Committee make the final decision on the amount of financial assistance provided (based on financial need and availability of funds). Online applications are accepted at, or forms can be downloaded from the link on this page. The deadline for applying for this parish-funded tuition assistance is early spring. Contact the school office if you are interested in applying. Families who apply for tuition assistance from the parish must also apply for the Invest in Kids Scholarship (see next section for details).

2020 - 2021 Parish Tuition Assistance Information & Application

Tuition Assistance - Invest in Kids Act

The Invest in Kids Act is funded through the state of Illinois, and is available to all families, regardless of religious affiliation. In August 2017, Public Act 100-0465 created the Invest In Kids Act (35 ILCS 40/1) which allows income tax credits for taxpayers who make authorized contributions to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). The SGOs, in turn, provide scholarships for eligible Illinois students to attend non-public (private / parochial) schools in Illinois. The scholarships are available to K-12 students and are based on financial need. With this legislation, families are able to choose to enroll in a non-public (private / parochial) school with scholarship money available for tuition and necessary fees. Families wishing to apply for scholarships through the Invest in Kids Act must complete the free application at to determine eligibility. The application process opens early in the year and scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact Billi Jansen at (217) 347-7177 for additional information.

NOTE: Invest in Kids Act scholarships are awarded based on the availability of funds donated through Empower Illinois and specifically deemed for use at Sacred Heart School. Donors who give to Empower Illinois receive a 75% tax credit for their donation!

For information about donating to Empower Illinois (helping provide tuition assistance through Empower Illinois / the Invest in Kids Act) or to the Sacred Heart School Annual Fund (helping provide tuition assistance through Sacred Heart Parish), please visit our Giving / Support page.